About Us

Our History

CFNC was started as in 1984 by a group of mothers living in the Charles Houston community after they learned that 17 of their children failed kindergarten. They hired their first teacher, Barbara Mason and the rest is history!  Barbara went on to lead the organization until 2011.

CFNC has continuously grown both the reach and depths of its programs in response to community needs.

CFNC currently serves 139, three and four year old children and their families in 8 preschool classrooms in the City of Alexandria. CFNC is funded through a series of public and private funding. 

Our Culture

Safe, nurturing, learning environment: CFNC welcomes all families. Our highly qualified teachers treat your child with care and love, and our classroom locations are a safe space for our families and students.

English Language Learning: Speak another language at home? Our multi-lingual teachers will help your child communicate in their home language, while also getting school ready and learning English! Whether you speak English or another language at home, your child will learn important literacy skills that will set them up for success in kindergarten and beyond.

Social, Emotional, and Independence Skills: We know that new environments can be hard for children. CFNC teachers work throughout the year to help your child make friends, share, take turns, and even develop some independence. CFNC staff supports the whole family as your child learns new ways to interact with their peers and environments.

Family Support: CFNC believes not only in educating the child but supporting the whole family. Our Family Support Workers will work with you throughout the year to support your child’s growth and visit you and your child in your home to get a deep understanding of how to best support your child. Our teachers and staff believe in open communication with parents and encourage parents to openly communicate with staff as well.

“I recommend The Child & Family Network Center program to any parent with children. My now 14-year-old son is in advanced classes in high school because he was part of the pre-school program this organization offers. I believe that pre-school programs lay the foundation of good education in children.

– CFNC Parent