For $10,000 a year you can sponsor a class at CFNC to ensure the ongoing education of Alexandria children. We will send you quarterly updates and photos of the class and children you have sponsored including the star students and keep you informed of any exciting news here at CFNC.

Adopt-a-Classroom helps fund our school operations. You help provide books, school supplies, food, and basic healthcare to one classroom. You assist in funding teacher and school staff salaries and empower students and their families to be the best they can be. You provide HOPE through education.

CFNC has eight classrooms and therefore only eight opportunities for corporations to sponsor a classroom.

Adopt-a-Classroom Benefits

  • Prominent logo recognition on a plaque hung in the classroom throughout the school year. (Average class size is 17)
  • Opportunity for representative(s) to participate in the curriculum or volunteer in other ways
  • Quarterly updates and photos.
  • Logo and link on CFNC website.
  • Inclusion in social media (Facebook and Instagram).