CFNC’s 2024 Spring Benefit!

Helping to Create Brighter Futures for 40 years!

Thursday, May 9, 2024 6:30 pm

Above ALX
277 S. Washington Street
Alexandria, Virginia

Cocktail Stations, Drinks, and Giving Opportunities
Spring Cocktail Attire






Thank you to all of our Current Sponsors!


  • Alberto and Ivanna Omeechevarria
  • Blue Cotton
  • Echo Origin


  • Larry and Amy Alberson
  • Rita Meyer
  • Tara Rethore and Strategy For Real
  • Dignity Memorial
  • Don and Megan Beyer
  • Kate Boyce Reeder and Joe Reeder
  • Janet and Rick Price
  • David and Diann Frantz
  • Joseph and Anne Fetters
  • Sikich
  • Lobkovich Designs
  • Janet and Pete Gartlan
  • UBS
  • Deloitte
  • Agiliko
  • Anne and Michael Donohue
  • Shannon and Michael Dubke
  • Heather O’Neill Jelks and Freeman Jelks
  • Steven and Gayle Smith


  • Jeanne Warner
  • Lisa and Rod Lawrence
  • Cecilia Gondor
  • Betsy and Tom Regnell
  • Chris and Maura Lindsay
  • Laura and Thomas Lawler
  • Marianne and George Quarles
  • Suzanne Corcoran and Dennis Early
  • Phyllis and David Gray
  • Gibson and Aris McMahon
  • Jan and Cliff Routh
  • Calvert and Sally Simmons
  • Lynn and John Hooff
  • Jennifer and Jim Rooney
  • Gayla Reed
  • Ed and Julie Dyson
  • Bill and Julie Howard
  • John and Diane Mauk
  • Andrea Heydlauff and Sanjayan Muttulingam
  • Martin and Mariah McGuinness
  • LYN & CO
  • John Marshall Bank
  • Amanda and William Shell
  • Brian and Mary Miller
  • Karla and Tucker Crockett
  • Jeff and Lisa Ryan
  • Clarke & Sampson
  • Alex and Sebastian Arrivillaga
  • James and Shelia Fleming
  • Murph and Maureen Nowak
  • Custom Ink
  • Kyle Moore


  •  Vicki and Nick Coward
  • Liz and Jim Underhill
  • Ted and Elizabeth Murphy
  • Georgia and Jay Sullivan
  • Kathy and Dave Raggio
  • Cas and Anne Hobbs
  • Mike and Danyel Henry
  • Kara and Scott Cosby
  • Blue Book Essays
  • Ilene and Phil Lewis
  • Robert and Frances Talley
  • Maureen and Patrick McCarty
  • Caroline and H.G. Wells
  • Scott and Cornelia Turyn
  • Amy Biondi Travel
  • Patricia and Chip Calloway
  • Katharina Cron
  • Inova Health System
  • Exiles Bar
  • Katie and Ryan Meerstein
  • Cindy Conner
  • Joan and Jeff Ferrill


For questions, contact Karli Raggio
(830) 433-1321

Thank you to our Spring Benefit Committee:

Alex Arrivillaga
Vicki Coward
Karla Crockett
Shannon Dubke
Janet Gartlan

Emily Goetzman
Lisa Herget
Julie Howard
Catie Meyer
Kathy Penkiunas
Lisa Ryan
Betsy Regnell
Amanda Shell

Thank you to our Brighter Futures and Luminous Members:

Vicki and Nick Coward

Shannon and Michael Dubke
Emily and Neil Goetzman
Jeff and Tamera Foster
David and Diann Frantz
Phil and Lisa Herget
Julie and Bill Howard
Nancy Keener
Catie Meyer

Rita Meyer
Alberto and Ivanna Omeechevarria

Algis and Kathy Penkiunas
Steve and Anne Reed
Kate Boyce and Joe Reeder
Tom Reeder

Tom and Ann Scully

John and Lizzie Siegel 

Calvert and Sally Simmons

Steve and Linda Weitz