Family Services

What is Family Support?

The Family Support Team differentiates CFNC by providing families with holistic education and wrap-around services that support the work being done in the classroom.  Our multilingual team works closely with each CFNC family to empower them and provide them with the tools to successfully advocate for their child as they grow.

How do we empower families?

Case management and home visits: Each family receives two home visits from their Family Support Worker. Home Visits are an opportunity to better understand how we can support the child from the experts – their parents. During home visits, we conduct a needs assessment and work with families to set goals for the school year. Common areas of need include health, housing assistance, ESL courses and job training – which Family Support Workers support, either by leveraging internal resources or CFNC’s network of local organizations who provide complementary community resources.

Parent Engagement: Recognizing that parents are their child’s first teacher, we prioritize parent engagement.  We offer several types of parent engagement opportunities in order to meet the diverse needs and schedules of each family.

  • Family Support Workers host monthly, multi-lingual parent workshops to educate parents on a variety of child development topics, like establishing routines, positive discipline, the benefit of play, and kindergarten readiness.  Workshops are designed to create community and allow parents to learn as much from each other as they do from us.
  • Classroom engagement events invite parents into the classroom to participate in a curriculum related activity with their child. These activities model to parents developmentally appropriate activities that they can do to support learning at home.
  • To support at home learning and foster parent and child interaction during school breaks, we send play based activities, along with all needed materials, home with students.

Child Development: Using a tiered approach of classroom observations, assessments and development screenings, we screen the development of all students.  We share the results with parents and together we make a decision on next steps for what the child needs.  Parents receive resources and coaching on ways to support their child’s development at home, and if needed, we will guide parents through the Child Find evaluation process.

“I love seeing him play with other kids and build friendships. His social skills have flourished. He loves singing and listening to books”-

– CFNC Parent

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