We’re Building Brighter Futures for Alexandria Children

Our mission is to provide free high-quality, multilingual early education and wrap around services to under resourced children and their families in their own neighborhoods.

We prepare and empower children and families for success in school and life.

Started by a group of mothers living in the Charles Houston Area of Alexandria in 1984, CFNC is the ONLY Alexandria, Virginia nonprofit providing free, high quality, multilingual preschool and family support for our area’s community based on their income. Today we’re teaching 139 of Alexandria’s kids–providing early education and family support services.

Parent Resources

CFNC believes not only in educating the child but supporting the whole family. Our Family Support Workers will work with you throughout the year to support your child’s growth and visit you and your child in your home to get a deep understanding of how to best support your child.

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Benefits of Preschool

Language and Literacy

A growing vocabulary strengthens a child’s readiness for reading.

Thinking Skills

Children are natural scientists and their first experiments teach them about the world


A child who is socialized to solve problems through words, take turns, and pay attention is ready to be a good classroom citizen.


Confident children are ready to learn. They follow their curiosity and are quick to recover from mistakes.

How You Can Help

You have the power to transform lives. Donate your time, your money, or simply your support. There are many great ways to get involved.