A community anchor for over 30 years, The Child & Family Network Centers (CFNC) delivers quality education to Alexandria’s at-risk kids. Spearheaded by a group of mothers living in public housing in 1984, CFNC is the ONLY Alexandria, Va. nonprofit providing free quality, bi-lingual preschool and family support for our area’s working poor—members of our community. Not to be confused with Head Start, (the free federal pre-K program for our nation’s most needy) we support the working poor–a critical audience who would otherwise fall through the cracks in the system.Today we’re teaching 138 of Alexandria’s kids–providing early education, family support services and health services.


Bilingual social workers support parents as they work toward gaining parenting skills to support their children’s education. Social workers strengthen families through case management, home-visits, and a variety of parental education workshops ranging from healthy parenting to nutrition. During the school year, our social workers screen children for developmental delays, hold weekly social skills groups for children exhibiting challenging behavior, and offer a variety of events to prepare families for kindergarten in the public school system.


CFNC’s health services enable parents to support the healthy development of their children. Social workers assist families in accessing community-based services and ensure children enter kindergarten having completed the appropriate physicals, vaccinations, and medical screenings. CFNC provides hearing, vision and dental screenings and refers all children for follow-up care as needed, ensuring issues are resolved before children enter kindergarten. Further, our holistic health and wellness services also combat obesity by incorporating healthy eating and nutrition, as well as physical activity each school day.

Our Results for Children

  • 97%

    The percentage of 4-year-olds in our program reaching kindergarten readiness levels for core skills

  • 108 points

    In the last year, the average literacy growth for a CFNC student

  • 124

    At the end of the last school year, the total number of children in the PALS developmental range.

  • 1.59

    The average growth rate for kindergarten readiness based on levels

“It’s hard to argue with a preschool program that shows twice the student gains of other programs, especially when that program serves low-income families.”

- Northern Virginia Magazine

School Calendar

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