For Parents

Why Parents Choose Us:


Safe, nurturing, learning environment: CFNC welcomes all families with open arms. Our highly qualified teachers treat your child with care and love, and our classroom locations are a safe space for our families and students.


English Language Learning: Speak another language at home? Our multi-lingual teachers will help your child build skills in their home language, while also learning English! Whether you speak English or another language at home, your child will learn important literacy skills that will set them up for success in kindergarten and beyond.


Social, Emotional, and Independence Skills: We know that new environments can be hard for children. CFNC teachers work throughout the year to help your child make friends, share, take turns, and even develop some independence. CFNC staff supports the whole family as your child learns new ways to interact with their peers and environments.


Family Support: CFNC believes not only in educating the child but supporting the whole family. Our Family Support Workers will work with you throughout the year to support your child’s growth and visit you and your child in your home to get a deep understanding of how to best support your child. Our teachers and staff believe in open communication parents and encourage parents to openly communicate with staff as well.


Frequently Asked Questions


How do I know if my child is ready for preschool? We know that sending your child to preschool can be a big step! Let us ease your mind. Our teachers understand that the transition might be difficult, and create loving, nurturing environments for your child. Our teachers promise to openly communicate with you about your child throughout the year. The growth you see in your child will be worth the first day jitters.


Who are your teachers? Are they qualified to teach my child? CFNC employs 2 teachers per classroom, with most classrooms having at least 1 (sometimes 2) Spanish-speaking teacher. Many are working towards additional certifications, including Bachelors and Masters degrees. In fact, some of our teachers have been at CFNC for xx years.


What will my child be doing all day? Each classroom’s routine might vary slightly, but all classrooms follow the Creative Curriculum and all are developing the necessary skills to be successful in kindergarten and beyond. Below is a sample schedule:

8:00 – Greeting and drop off

8:15 – Morning meeting

8:45 – Breakfast

9:15 – Small groups

10:00 – Choice time: art, blocks, house, and more

12:00 – Lunch

12:30 – Story time

12:40 – Nap time

1:40 – Snack time

2:00 – Outside Play and Large Group Time

3:00 – Dismissal


What about meal times? Can I pack a lunch? All children are provided with breakfast, lunch, and a snack that can be tailored to medical, religious, and other nutritional needs. Please reference this in your application.


This all sounds perfect for my child. How do I enroll? Download this form, and call 703-836-0214 ext 229 to speak with Nancy Lobo, our enrollment coordinator. Nancy will set up a time with you to enroll your child. Your appointment can be made at 3700 Wheeler Ave, Alexandria VA any day of the week or 3801 Mount Vernon by appointment.


What are the costs? Depending on your situation, there may be some small fees.

Tuition for income qualified families in Alexandria – FREE!

Application fee for ALL applications: $25.00

Program fee for ALL applications: $150.00

Afterschool care: Vary based on care needs

Income related fees: There may be a small lunch fee for your child depending on your families income level