Hello CFNC Family,
Hola CFNC Familia,
ጤና ይስጥልኝ CFNC ቤተሰብ
ة,مرحبا عائلة CFNC
We stand united with you.
Nosotras estamos unidas contigo.
ካንተ ጋር አንድ ሆነናል ፡፡
نحن نقف متحدين معك.
We denounce and are outraged by the police brutality and the institutional racism we are witnessing in our country. We also recognize that the issues we have seen occur within the last several weeks have plagued our country since its founding. We stand with our Black teammates, students, families, and community members, and in horror and pain, at the violent and senseless murders of black men and women.
We stand united in your anger.
Estamos unidos en tu enfado.
በቁጣህ አንድ ሆነናል።
نقف متحدين في غضبك.
As a multi-cultural, multi-racial community, we acknowledge there are many different experiences with racism and we must do better for our students and families to make sure we are not perpetuating racism intentionally or unintentionally. We are a preschool filled with families who come from over 24 different countries and speak 14 different languages. 100% of our students are black and brown. These recent events impact all of our families at CFNC and we stand together with them. Below are helpful resources for how to talk to our children about the recent protests, acts of police brutality, and institutional racism.
We, at CFNC, are committed to getting better and taking bold action to develop and improve.
Nosotros, en CFNC, estamos comprometidos a mejorar y tomar medidas audaces para desarrollar y mejorar.
እኛ በ CFNC የተሻልን ለመሆን እና ለማሻሻል እና ለማሻሻል ደፋሮች እርምጃ እንወስዳለን ፡፡
نحن ، في CFNC ، ملتزمون بالتحسن واتخاذ اءات جريئة للتطوير
Over the next month, we will prioritize looking internally within our own organization to examine how we can strengthen the work we are doing well around equity, diversity and inclusion and identify immediate strategies to address the areas where we need improvement. We recognize that we have an opportunity in early education to influence our young people to build a better future; one that respects, values, and appreciates ALL people regardless of race or ethnicity. We also recognize that identifying growth opportunities is just the first step and we look forward to sharing the progress of our journey with you in the coming weeks.
In solidarity,
The Child & Family Network Centers Team