Sponsor a child today!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Gelila, Abner, Anthony, Naomi and 134 other children are waiting for you!

You can make education happen with an automated gift of $19 per month. This is a great and easy way to change a child’s life!

How Sponsor-A-Child Works:


Step 1:

          – For less than $1 a day you will prepare a child for future success by providing school supplies for one child for a whole year.
Step 2:
          – Start receiving photos and fun facts about your student!
          – Want to give your student a gift? You can opt to have a teddy bear and note from you delivered to your sponsored child!
Step 3:
          – Arrange birthday cards or notes of encouragement to be sent. You can even visit your student in the classroom!
          – Enjoy and watch your sponsored child grow! You will receive a periodic updates and drawings from your child that will allow you to be able to learn                       more about  their time here at CFNC!
Thank you for giving the gift of education!