Year end fundraising giving to education

Superheroes use their powers to give others a chance to succeed. While you might not be able to fly or teleport, you do have a superpower–you have the power to change a life. You can change the life of a vulnerable preschooler at The Child & Family Network Centers (CFNC).  

You can be a hero for a child like Aloni. Aloni started at CFNC in September 2018 with some developmental delays. On the first day of school, Aloni walked up the stairs slowly and carefully, gripping his mother’s hands. Because of his hearing impairment, he didn’t speak in his new environment, but he is an incredible drummer. He is making significant progress because of his incredible, patient teachers at CFNC who work with him every day. Imagine his bright future Aloni, if we can give him only one superpower–the power to read. Aloni has come a long way, but he and the 137 other students at CFNC need your help. They need heroes like you to help them hone their skills, their powers, and become the superheroes we know they can be.  

Without a high-quality preschool education, children from low income families are at risk for failing kindergarten. Imagine–5 years old and already a grade behind. Each year, it gets more difficult to close that gap. By third grade, if they are not reading at grade-level, they are four times more likely to eventually drop out of school.  

Your superpower is the ability to change the story for our students. You can be the reason a child enters kindergarten ahead of her peers. You can turn hardship into success with third grade, low income children soaring through chapter books and acing their weekly spelling tests. It starts with preschool. It starts with you.  

As 2018 comes to a close, let your super power shine and give our community’s children some of the power they need to succeed. You have the power to change not just one life, but the lives of all 138 of our students. Your gift of $100, $500, $1,000, or whatever you can give is life changing.  



Donate to The Child & Family Network Centers

$1,200 – With the Literacy Lasso, you fund an entire month of preschool for one child. Give now.


Donate to The Child & Family Network Centers

$600 – With the Social Skills Shield, you support our social skills programs inside and outside of the classroom. Give now.



Donate to The Child & Family Network Centers

$250- The Cape of Creativity helps supply one child with supplies for the year. Give now.



Donate to the Child & Family Network Centers

 $100 – With the Hammer of Health, you support one child’s meals for a month. Give now.



By selecting a super power above, you are making a donation to The Child & Family Network Centers. We are dedicated to using your donation to give every child the best chance for success. Each level listed is representative of resources, services or support for programs provided at CFNC. Your donations will be used to provide assistance where it is needed most.