Virtual Learning and Pre-K: How does it work?

October 16, 2020 Susan Keightley

We have received a lot of questions about our virtual learning program. How do you teach preschoolers virtually? Does their day look the same as the students in the classroom? What if a child has a tantrum? We had the same questions! But we have found that virtual learning is actually a great way to teach preschoolers who aren’t able to come in-person and a great way to engage parents and caregivers in the learning process.

Virtual learning is still no replacement for in-person learning, but we’ve had great success so far and want to share with you what a day in the life of a virtual preschooler looks like!

Virtual preschool contains a mix of synchronous (student and teachers are together for the learning process) and asynchronous (student and teacher are NOT at the same place during the learning process) learning. Every morning, our students and teachers log on to their learning platform for a virtual “Circle Time.” During Circle Time, they:

  • Greet each other and do a mood check in: e.g. “Good morning John, how are you today?” – this builds confidence and connection and also helps students learn how to verbally express feelings.
  • Take attendance: One student takes attendance each day -this helps all of our students practice their math skills by counting the number of students who are present and the number of students who are absent!
  • Sing songs: This practices their rhyming words and rhythm.

After Circle Time, all of our students take a movement break. They’ll dance, stretch, or do yoga. This helps build their gross motor skills, build muscle, and get their energy out!

Small Groups! Our virtual teachers split up the class into breakout rooms for small group activities. This is a time for art, crafts, or experiments. This is followed by read-aloud time, outdoor exploration, and work time. During work time, our students will choose their “stations” where they will work for an hour. Stations can include arts and crafts, blocks, and books. To make sure our students have everything they need for work time, we send out monthly packets for each virtual students filled with supplies for them to use at home.

Lunch, naps, and more small group activities are next – needless to say, our virtual students have a full day of learning!

Check out some photos of our virtual learning program