CFNC is proud to announce the Van Metre Companies’ sponsorship of our 3801 classroom through our Adopt-a-Classroom program.

CFNC’s model is to be in the community we serve in order to make school accessible to all families. Our 3801 classroom is located at 3801 Mount Vernon Avenue in the Tenant & Workers Building. With new floors, a fresh coat of paint, and a little bit of magic, this store-front-esque space has been converted into a warm pre-kindergarten classroom where high quality education and learning occurs on a regular basis. Thanks to Van Metre Companies for supporting this class!

Based locally in Fairfax, Van Metre Companies’ support helps to ensuring that low income children in the area are able to receive the high quality preschool education that will set them up for further success in the classroom and beyond. When asked what the company found most rewarding about giving back to the community, “Seeing the impact of our time, funding and efforts on a group in need is the most rewarding aspect of giving back…improving an aspect of the community is quite inspiring to us,” said Glen Skutnik, Vice President of Residential Management and Investment Properties at Van Metre Companies. Because of Van Metre Companies’ support, 16 children on the East Side of Alexandria are receiving the tools, supplies, and support they need to develop their full potential.

On May 14, Van Metre employees Patricia, Casey, and Suzanna, met the teachers and students of the 3801 classroom. read “Brown Bear,” “Opposites,” and “Down by the Bay.” At this point in the school year, all 16 children were able to read along (and sing along) with the story. It’s a true testament to how far they’ve come in a year. After reading, Van Metre employees were invited to participate in the physical activity part of the day in the classroom and on the playground, and fully engaged in all aspects of our program. CFNC children love visitors, and we are looking forward to welcoming more Van Metre employees into our classrooms on future dates.

Van Metre Companies was inspired by CFNC’s origin story; just like our founders, they are committed to building a strong educational foundation for children in the local community. With their generous donation, the classroom adopted by Van Metre Companies will have school supplies, snacks, and educational materials for the next upcoming school year.

Interested in joining Van Metre in our Adopt-a-Classroom program? Contact Anna Shults at ashults@cfnc-online.org or 703-836-0214 ext 227.