Our Racial Equity Vision

January 6, 2021 Susan Keightley

We are committed to anti-racism. The harm inflicted by over 400 years of unequal access to opportunities has led to systemic inequities and injustice in our communities. We recognize that access to high-quality, caring, early childhood education is a privilege, but should be a right for all families. Our mission is to resist against this pattern of systemic oppression by working with all community stakeholders to provide equitable, inclusive and holistic support for our families at CFNC.

We acknowledge that our commitment to anti-racism must be upheld by all members of our CFNC board of directors and staff. We pledge to serve as an ally in our community and to work diligently to maintain an environment that recognizes, understands, respects, appreciates and encourages the unique racial, cultural, socio-economic and religious differences of each member of the CFNC family.