CFNC Parents Prepare for Parent-Teacher Conferences

December 7, 2017 Susan Keightley

On Friday, December 1, CFNC held its first Parent Workshop of the 2017-2018 school year. Every year, CFNC holds five Parent Workshops on topics that are relevant to our families. This workshop was about our upcoming parent-teacher conferences and helping our families know what to expect and how to be prepared. For many of our families, these upcoming parent-teacher conferences are the first they will have attended, so knowing what to expect before they arrive, will help them get the most out the experience.

At the upcoming parent-teacher conferences, our teachers will be sharing details about their child’s education including:

  • Approaches to early learning: how does a child explore their world and create solutions?
  • Social and emotional development: how does a child build relationships with friends and teachers?
  • Physical development: large and small motor skills development
  • Language, literacy, and communication: how does a child express him/herself verbally, in writing, and reading? How many letters and letter sounds does a child know?
  • Mathematics: how does a child solve problems with numbers, shapes, patterns, and graphs?
  • English Language Learners: how is a child listening and understanding English?