Moten Family

June 6, 2016 IT Developement

For 25 years, Kim Moten has taught preschool at The Child and Family Network Centers. CFNC’s founder, Barbara Mason, first met Kim when her two daughters, Kendra and Erika, were students at CFNC. It was Barbara who got Kim interested in teaching preschool. Kim started as an assistant teacher, and began taking classes toward a teaching degree. Kim believes the high number of parents who have become CFNC teachers demonstrates the reach and power of CFNC’s programs. She says, “We are able to relate to the families. Teachers here really want to help, so they work hard to improve families’ lives and learn what they are going through.” Kim’s daughter’s Kendra and Erika are all grown up now and following in their mother’s footsteps. Erika has been a teacher at CFNC for seven years and her sister Kendra often substitute teaches at CFNC.