Meet Zayna

August 24, 2018 Susan Keightley

It’s simple. An unhealthy child isn’t at their fullest potential to learn and grow. And we don’t just mean a sick child – we mean a child who can’t see, who might have hearing issues, a tooth ache, speech or developmental delays, or even has poor eating habits. CFNC’s goal is to knock down as many barriers as possible for our students so that they can focus on reaching their full potential and grow up as happy, healthy, and intelligent people. That’s why our health and wellness program is so important.

If you’ve visited our classrooms at any point in the 2017-2018 school year, it would be hard for you not to notice Zayna. Zayna (or “Zuzu” as her family calls her) is a bright, bubbly little girl with an eagerness to learn and intense
sense of curiousity.

Her sweet, high voice and precious smile can brighten anyone’s day. Zayna’s family speaks Arabic at home, and while her English skills were excellent, she struggled with certain speech skills. Her teachers, upon noticing she may need support, worked with her family support worker to evaluate her speech skills. In just a few short weeks, Zayna was receiving speech therapy services in the classroom weekly. This individualized therapy helped Zayna soar through CFNC’s program, and allowed her to excel in her “letter sounds” category at the year end assessment.