Meet Tiffany and Alijah

May 22, 2018 Susan Keightley

“I’m learning how to write my name.” says five-year-old Alijah, student at CFNC. Alijah is not shy about showing the skills he’s gained at CFNC. After learning to count to 100, he walked through the administrative offices counting to 100 for each staff member.

Alijah is now a five year old in one of our Wheeler classrooms. His mother, Tiffany, first enrolled Alijah in CFNC’s programs for convenience purposes – our hours (8:00 am to 6:pm) allowed her to work full time and get Alijah to and from school on time. Our location on Wheeler Ave was accessible. But as the year went on, Tiffany realized CFNC was much more than a convenient school for her son.

“It’s outstanding,” said Tiffany. “It’s a good program, centered around the children, around learning. There are very caring people here.”

Tiffany’s also noticed significant changes in Alijah since he started at CFNC. He’s learned to write his name and count to 100, but

it’s also his intense curiosity and eagerness to learn as much as he can that has made all the difference. “He asks so many questions now like, ‘what is this’ and ‘how do you spell this?'” she tells CFNC. 

CFNC’s programs support the entire family, not just the child. That means supporting Tiffany just as much as Alijah. We make each family part of the CFNC family. “It’s safe here,” she said. “It feels very family oriented. You are just here, and I know that I can come in the office and talk to anyone if I have any concerns.”

 Alijah is a brilliant child, and there is no doubt that Miss Maria and Miss Lydia, his two pre-kindergarten teachers, have fully prepared him for kindergarten. His mom feels prepared too. “I’m just excited about him going to kindergarten because I know he’s leaving here with so much knowledge that he’s learned here. My son, he just loves this place.”

We love you, too Alijah.

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