Meet the Ocampo Family

January 24, 2019 Anna Shults

Five generations of the Ocampo family are part of the CFNC family. Our veteran teacher, Ms. Juana, sent all four of her children to CFNC because she saw first hand the growth her students made and the skills they gained to prepare them for kindergarten.


Isaac, the oldest son of our veteran teacher Ms. Juana, went to CFNC in 2001 as a four-year-old and needless to say, he was a handful. “I used to be a cry-baby and had some behavioral problems,” says Isaac. Throughout his time at CFNC however, his behavior started to improve and by the time he entered kindergarten, he not only had the academic foundational skills he needed, but he was also socially and emotionally prepared to be around other kids his age in a classroom setting, which helped him thrive throughout his school years.  

Now working full time as a technician working in construction, Isaac loves his job and hopes to work his way up the ladder to become a manager one day. After excelling and his training and impressing his superiors with his work ethic and attention to detail, Isaac is well on his way to achieving his goals.  

Judith attended CFNC almost ten years ago and is now a thriving eighth grader. While attending CFNC, her mother, Ms. Juana, was one of her teachers but Judith still had to call her Ms. Juana while she was at the classroom. She has fond memories of working with her teachers and painting, which was her favorite activity. “Having an early education really gave me a head start in kindergarten,” Judith says. “I was prepared with the English language skills and the social skills that I needed to be successful.” Believe it or not, Judith is already starting to think about the future. She’s looking forward to going to college and furthering her education.  

Like mother like daughter. Raquel takes after her mother, Ms. Juana, and is currently a preschool teacher herself! Working toward her Child Development Associates (CDA), Raquel was inspired to teach early education from her own experience as a student at CFNC. “I just remember feeling so much love from my teachers,” Raquel says. “I really feel like my teachers made sure I was prepared for kindergarten and set me up for success in public school.” After graduating high school, Raquel went right to work as a preschool teacher while she continues to work on her education and furthers her career.

Roberto was a child who could never sit down. With endless energy, he struggled to sit quietly and pay attention. After a year at CFNC, Roberto improved drastically. When he entered kindergarten, he was able to listen to his teacher, wait in line, and sit quietly during circle time, but he was still an active kid. He started playing sports and excelled at baseball. When he entered high-school, he was an excellent student, who got very good grades, which allowed him to join the baseball team at his high-school. “If I hadn’t gone to CFNC, I don’t think I would’ve done well in kindergarten,” says Roberto. “I had too much energy and I couldn’t sit still. I really received the foundational skill I needed to be successful in kindergarten.” Now out of high-school, Roberto hopes to break into the professional baseball world, but is also considering gaining a real estate license.