Meet Nkunzi

June 6, 2016 IT Developement

Nkunzi Rukundo unexpectedly lost her job. This single mom of four from Africa didn’t know where to turn for help. She had been living in the United States for 10 years and friends told her about The Child and Family Network Centers. When she enrolled her child in our preschool, she met with one of our social workers, Linda Nsiah, during a home visit. Linda explained all of the services CFNC offers and based on the rapport Linda built, Nkunzi felt comfortable enough to let her know that she had recently lost her job as a home health aide because her client had lost his Medicare coverage. Linda worked closely with Nkunzi, a Certified Nursing Assistant, to build a resume and help her apply for new positions in her field. Within three weeks she found a new job as a home health aide and was being contacted by many other companies. Linda and Nkunzi worked together to determine what would be the most stable position for her in her field and what worked best for her schedule to allow her more time with her children. Because of the trust they have built, Linda continues to meet with her weekly to help her maintain a healthy, happy household for her children. Today, Nkunzi is able to support her family financially and has time to strengthen her children’s educational endeavors.