Meet CFNC’s Family Service Workers

February 2, 2018 Susan Keightley

Families are vitally important to children’s academic success. CFNC’s program is designed to include the families in their child’s education to ensure that when students and families leave CFNC, they are both equipped with the tools they need to be successful in school and in life. CFNC has 3 amazing social workers that work with students in the classroom, addresses social and emotional issues, and works with each family to help set goals to support their child’s education. While they each come from different backgrounds, all of them are dedicated to making sure every family gets the support they need. Let’s meet them!

Ryan Sturgis

Ryan was drawn to social work because of his love of watching families overcome challenges. Helping connect families to resources they need to make sure they are happy and healthy motivates him everyday to do the amazing work he does. All children are complex and unique and it’s a rewarding challenge for Ryan to find ways to help each child get what they need. This month, Ryan is hosting his very first parent workshop called “Positive Parenting,” where he’ll teach positive disciplinary techniques that parents can use at home!

Claudia Zelaya

Claudia brings with her a passion and knowledge of child development and mental health. She is passionate about helping her students gain the skills they need to process complex emotions because “a child’s social and emotional well-being is a contributing factor to a child’s success.” Even though she has a serious job to do, she always has a positive attitude and isn’t afraid to be silly every once in a while.

Sophia Escobar

Sophia started with CFNC a little more than a year ago and has been such an amazing addition to the CFNC family! She has helped countless families achieve their goals and saw her students start elementary school on par with their peers. Last year, one of her students was so shy, that she wouldn’t interact with other children and would get sick when volunteers came into the classroom. Sophia worked tirelessly with her student and family to teach skills and techniques that would help her student get more comfortable around her peers. By the end of the year, this child had made friends, improved her English skills, and was excited to come to school everyday!