Meet Caspian

August 24, 2018 Susan Keightley

Many of CFNC’s students start the school year far below the developmental range for literacy skills. If you met Caspian today, you’d never guess that he was one of those students. In September, Caspian could hardly recognize the alphabet, make letter sounds, or write his name. At the beginning of the year, Caspian’s absences were frequent. His mom, a single mother of five children (Caspian being the youngest), had difficulty finding reliable transportation to get Caspian to school every day.

CFNC noticed these absences, and instead of giving warnings to the parent, Caspian’s teachers, family support worker, and CFNC’s Program Director formed a tight knit team to provide as much support to Caspian and his mother that they possibly could.

Caspian loved school. He wanted to come every day. And we knew that if he could just get to CFNC, his literacy levels would improve dramatically. After developing close relationships with his family and staying in constant communication, Caspian’s attendance improved. He even participated in our after-school program to give mom more flexible work hours and Caspian more time to learn, play, and interact with children his own age. Of course, Caspian’s improvements are visible in his end of year assessments. His name writing, letter sounds, and letter recognition have improved drastically – he’s at the kindergarten readiness level. In fact, his rhyming abilities are even above the readiness standard!