Join the Star Society

As a member of the CFNC’s Star Society, you’ll be joining a group of individuals who, just like you, are dedicated to improving the lives of low-income children in their community.

How does joining the Star Society help? Well, each giving level provides vital services and supplies to a child or a classroom. Services that CFNC students wouldn’t have access to without your support. When you join the Star Society, you’re ensuring that a student in your community enters kindergarten ready to learn.

What are the giving levels?

Superstar, $99 per month – Provides one month of school supplies to a classroom

Shooting star, $49 per month – Provides social skills groups for one classroom

Twinkling star, $19 per month – Provides school supplies for one child

What are the benefits of joining the Star Society? In addition to the benefit of knowing that you’re changing a child’s life, you’ll also receive these fantastic perks:


Three progress reports per year

Two tickets to CFNC’s Spring Benefit

Invitation to attend classroom graduation

PLUS all Shooting star benefits

Shooting star

Two progress reports per year

Quarterly pieces of artwork from a child

PLUS all Twinkling star benefits

Twinkling star

Video-introduction of a child

End of year progress report

Join the Star Society today and start changing lives