Help for a Struggling Learner

June 6, 2016 IT Developement

Esly is one of those children you immediately fall in love with the minute you see her smile. But from the smile on her face, you wouldn’t know she is struggling with her words. Esly’s mother had been concerned about her daughter’s speech and language delays for quite some time but did not know where to turn. In a one-on-one consultation with CFNC’s Director of Family Support Services, Esly’s mother expressed her worries about her daughter’s speech and language delays. The solution was a referral to Child Find, Alexandria’s public school support system. Esly will now receive early intervention services to combat her learning delays before she enters kindergarten. Esly’s mom is very grateful for the help and is now hopeful that her daughter will be able to communicate more effectively. We anticipate incredible success for Esly in the coming months!