“Oh my gosh, it’s so beautiful!” This was Ana Ventura’s, teacher at 3801, reaction upon walking into her newly renovated classroom. Not only does she now have brand new floors and a fresh coat of paint on the walls, but now she also has a chalkboard wall that goes all the way to the floor so the students can practice their letters.

This incredible renovation is all because of the kindness and generosity of our Adopt-A-Classroom sponsor, Greenfield Senior Living. They set everything up, including finding and scheduling the company to complete the renovation! We knew it would be an amazing change, but we had no idea it would turn out as incredible as it did.

On September fifth, 16 low-income preschoolers will walk into a beautiful new classroom that is set up to help them learn and prepare for kindergarten. For many of them, this is the very first classroom they’ve ever been inside, and that can be a very difficult transition for many children. Walking into a classroom that is warm and inviting will help ease the transition for many children, and it’s all thanks to Greenfield Senior Living!

The 3801 Mount Vernon classroom is located in the Arlandria area of Alexandria. CFNC operates five out of our eight classrooms in this area of Alexandria as it has a large population of Spanish-speaking children who are in-need of free preschool and are at-risk of not attending preschool at all. Our 3801 classroom is unique because it was originally an office space that was turned into a classroom to serve the need of the community for free, bilingual preschool. That’s what makes CFNC so unique. We are deeply committed to being accessible to our community members, which includes having classrooms in the communities where we are needed most, and all of our classrooms have at least one bilingual teacher to help our Spanish-speaking students!

To learn more about CFNC or Adopt-A-Classroom, contact Development Manager, Maggie Klefstad at (703) 836-0214 ext. 238 or by email at mklefstad@cfnc-online.org.