If you’re looking for ways to get your employees or your company more involved in the community, or maybe just you and a group of friends or family, we have lots of opportunities. Each month, we bring in groups of volunteers to give our little ones an extra special day. Contact Maggie Klefstad mklefstad@cfnc-online.org if you’d like to learn more and schedule some time to help out in the classroom.


Donate school supplies and backpacks. Many of our students can’t afford their own backpacks and school supplies, and teachers need to replenish and replace supplies in the classroom throughout the year. Help us stock our classrooms by donating school supplies for the children, and for our teachers as well.


Host a pajama party. Halloween is pajama day at CFNC. Come with a related craft, or a “bedtime” story to read to the kids. You can also bring a yummy treat to share.

Host an Owls, Bats, and Spiders party. Celebrate these October traditional critters with a related story and/or craft. Teach the children about these animals, and show them that they aren’t so scary.


Collect and donate winter coats. Help our children stay warm by collecting an donating coats for an entire classroom. You will receive a class list, along with their coat size and preferred coat color. Come in and hand deliver the coats yourself so you can see the big smiles on their faces.

Volunteer in the turkey drive. Westminster Presbyterian Church kindly donates a delicious turkey dinner with all the fixings to all of our families. Come help us unload and pass out the dinner the Saturday before Thanksgiving.


Host a Winter Wonderland Party. Celebrate the holidays by collecting and donating gifts for the entire class. Accompany the gifts with a holiday treat or lunch, and a holiday story or related craft. The holiday celebrations are so much fun, and you’re free to make it as elaborate as you’d like.


Celebrate Winnie the Pooh Day. Come by on January 18th (Winnie the Pooh Day) with your favorite Winnie the Pooh story to read to the class. You can provide a copy for each child, or just one for the classroom. You are also invited to help build their skills with cooperative games or Winnie the Pooh crafts. As always, feel free to bring a healthy treat to share with the kids.


Throw a Friendship Party. At CFNC, we celebrate friendship on Valentine’s Day. Provide materials to create friendship wreaths, where stduents trace their hands and draw pictures to show what it means to be a good friend. Bring a long a story with the theme of love or friendship to read a loud. You can also become pen pals with one of our students – you don’t have to be physically present to participate our pen pal exchange.


Celebrate Dr. Seuss Day. Groups/individuals can come dressed as their favorite Dr. Seuss character and read a favorite story to the class. Collect Dr. Seuss books for the children to take home so they can read with their parents at home. Other activities can include a special Dr. Seuss treat (like green eggs and home), or a craft that reflects the theme.

Teach the class about butterflies to welcome Spring. Groups can help students create their own paper butterflies, and read “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” to teach them about the life cycle of the butterfly. Collect copies of the book so they kids can take them home and add them to their home libraries.


Sponsor a field trip. Help CFNC kids discover nature with a field trip to Jerome “Buddie” Ford Nature Center in Alexandria. At the Nature Center, the children will see live animals up close and learn about the cultural and natural history of Dora Kelley Nature Park. The cost to sponsor a classroom is 6 dollars per child, and our classrooms range in size from 14-18 students. Groups/individuals are encouraged to come as chaperones as well.


Host a pizza party. In honor of National Pizza Party Day (May 20th), bring some pizza a classroom lunch. You can also make pizza with the kids, and teach them about healthy eating and nutrition. Feel free to bring a related craft or story. You can also bring the kids outside for a fun outdoor activity.


Contribute to our graduation ceremony. You can participate in graduation in a few ways. First, you can provide lunch and serve it to our graduating preschoolers and their families. You can also hold a book drive so every child leaves with their graduation present – their own copy of “The Very Hungry Caterpillar.” You can also provide balloons and decorations and help us decorate for the big day.

Please contact Maggie Klefstad at mklefstad@cfnc-online.org or 703-836-0214 ext 227 to learn more or schedule some time in the classroom. Thanks so much for donating your time to help brighten our children’s day.