So, you’ve started your Relay for Pre-K team or joined as an individual (thank you so much), but you’re struggling to raise money for your team. You don’t know how to get started, you feel weird asking people for money… Fundraising SOUNDS intimidating, but it’s really not as scary as it sounds (we promise!).

CFNC’s Board Member and Relay for Pre-K team captain, Kyle Moore, shares some five easy ways you can start raising money for your Relay for Pre-K team today!

1. Use social media and emails
I’ve seen so many friends have a lot of success by using social media to announce the event and tag people who have donated in thank you messages. See my sample social media post below for inspiration:

“Hi Friends! I’m participating in the Relay for Pre-K benefiting The Child & Family Network Centers to support early education for low-income kids in Alexandria! Please consider making a donation to my page. Your generous gift will be used efficiently and effectively—nearly 80 percent of resources spent goes directly to support brighter futures for Alexandria children. Just click on the link below to make a donation that will be credited to my fundraising goal. Any amount you can donate is greatly appreciated.”

2. Make a personal donation
Donating to your own page lets people know that you’re committed to this cause and to your team’s success. Making even a small donation to your own page will help get the ball rolling, and encourage others to donate to your page as well. People want to be part of something successful. Get yourself a little closer to your goal with a personal donation. How can you expect someone else to care about your team if you don’t show that you care about it too?

3. Get your coworkers involved
Instead of just asking for a donation, why not make it fun? Get a group of your coworkers together and decide that for a week, you’ll all bring your lunch to work instead of eating out. At the end of the week, donate what you saved to your page! You can make it even more fun by eating together or coming up with fun activities and games to do together during your lunch hour. Check out some other ways to get your coworkers and company involved here.

4. Host a prize drawing
Sometimes it’s okay to re-gift. Grab that Magic Bullet sitting in the back of your closet that you got over the holidays last year and hold a drawing with your friends and family. Anybody who donates $10 or more to your page is entered and at the end of that week, randomly pick one of your donors to win the prize!

5. Hold a cook-out
Fire up the barbeque, prepare the potato salad, and get the popsicles ready! Invite your friends over for the night and enjoy your delicious food for a suggested donation of $10. We promise you’ll not only raise lots money, but you’ll also have a blast.

Bonus tip! Thanking people who have donated to your page is SO important. Make sure you individualize each thank you, you want your donors to feel appreciated and to know that their donation was received.

Those are some fun, low-stress ways of raising money for your team. Remember, the number one reason people give to a charity is because someone close to them asked. Don’t forget, it’s also important to set goals and share personal stories. Why do you support CFNC? How did you first get introduced to the organization? Why is it important to you to share the work you’re doing with CFNC? It’s always important to bring it all back to why you’re raising. You care about making sure that Alexandria’s children continue to have access to high-quality, free early education and related services.

Wait a minute, you haven’t signed up for your team yet? Click here to start your team or create your individual page and start fundraising!