In the fall of 2018, The Child & Family Network Centers (CFNC) was awarded a team of consultants from Compass Pro Bono ( to help us solve a few critical questions related to our strategic plan:

1) In 2018, CFNC experienced an initial enrollment shortfall – what happened?

2) CFNC’s operational and strategic growth scenarios – where should our classrooms really be?

3) How can CFNC better market itself to families?

To tackle these large, imperative questions, Compass connected CFNC with eight talented, intelligent, and generous consultants in the area. As a team, they worked incredibly hard to strategically guide us into a sustainable, thriving future in which we continue to be a strong provider of preschool education.

The Compass team made several recommendations for moving forward, all which CFNC plans to implement. In particular, Compass identified untapped communities outside Arlandria that offer opportunities to CFNC to broaden our scope and increase our impact.

In the 2018-2019 school year, there were 238 children who qualified for CFNC’s services, but did not attend preschool. And through their thorough research, interviews, and data analysis, Compass determined the West End of Alexandria had the greatest concentration of children who did not attend preschool, as well as large concentration of families who can qualify.

From there, the recommendation is clear – CFNC needs a presence in the West End to give as many children as possible access to high quality, free early education that will set them up for kindergarten, and for life.

CFNC has identified classroom space Landmark Towers on S. Whiting Street for 2.5 new classroom spaces that will open in Fall 2019. Throughout the summer of 2019, CFNC will be building out the new spaces, as well as a brand-new playground to serve our classrooms, as well as the community.

Thanks to Compass’ incredibly hard work over countless volunteer hours, CFNC can provide much needed early education services to children in the West End of Alexandria. We look forward to sharing more about our West End classrooms in the future!

*CFNC is actively fundraising for the construction, materials, classroom furniture and supplies, as well as the playground. If you’re interested in contributing to the project, click here or contact Maggie Klefstad, Development Manager at or 703-836-0214 ext 238