CFNC’s Young Professionals Council

May 23, 2016 IT Developement

On Wednesday, May 18th a new program at CFNC was born as our Young Professionals Council voted in their leadership board for this upcoming year. Our Young Professionals Council is a dynamic group of individuals striving to make CFNC a leading presence in Alexandria, synonymous with educational quality and social equity. Each one serving on the council has a primary motivation to be involved with other young professionals, the passion to work with others interested in charitable work, and the desire to connect to the broader secular community. The common theme among our YPC members is passion. They have a passion to make a difference in the lives’ of others, the passion to see real change happen in the lives of children, and the passion for CFNC and its vision and mission. Their enthusiasm is contagious!

Our YPC comprises of individuals between the ages of 21-40, and they represent an opportunity for young people to connect with their peers through their own social events and service activities. The Young Professionals Counsel taps into the energy and creativity of young professionals – utilizing skills that are invaluable to CFNC!

Think this might be something for you or want to learn more about our Young Professionals Council and how you can get involved? Contact Jessica Hallstrom at jhallstrom@cfnc-online.org or 703-836-0214, ext. 227.