CFNC’s First week of school

September 28, 2018 Anna Shults

What’s going on at CFNC?

It’s officially the end of our second week of school and things haven’t slowed down. Let’s begin by sharing what our amazing little stars have been learning this week. Recently teaches read the “The kissing Hand” by Audrey Penn to the kids. This book was a huge hit with the kids and the timing was perfect! The first few weeks of school can be scary and overwhelming to children being in a new place without mom, all new faces and without the comfort of home. Which was all the more reason to read this beautifully written book that tells the story of Chester the Raccoon, who doesn’t want to go to school and wants to stay at home with his mother. Sound familiar? The book depicts a worrisome raccoon whose mother comforts him by telling him a secret that has been in their family for years, The Kissing Hand. His mother explains as she kisses the palm of his hand, that this will remind the raccoon that his mother loves him. Being away from everything you know can be scary and reading The Kissing Hand can help ease some of the worry around that. So parents don’t be surprised if your child present lovingly the palms of their hands to you and asks you to kiss them. They simply want to feel your love throughout the day.

Also on the agenda in the classrooms is teaching routines, rhyming, and block building! Now to us adults this may seem like play for children. However, these skills are vital to their education. Routines facilitate a structured environment which can assist in educational and behavioral development. When children go to kindergarten the expectation is to be able to follow daily routines, listen to their teachers, stand in lines, and follow directions. As Susan Keightley, program director says, “life is a sensory experience,” and CFNC wants to give these children the tools to experience that. Along with these tools we want our children to develop relationship with their classmates. It’s imperative to know one another and build new friendships in these first few weeks as it helps them prepare for kindergarten and throughout life.

It’s not just the kids who’ve been busy! Our staff have been handing out flyers for our Relay for Pre-k that is taking place Saturday September 22, 2018 at 100 St. Stephen’s Road, Alexandria VA 22304. We have had many wonderful contributions and we can’t thank our donors and volunteers enough! It takes a village to raise a child. In addition to this several staff members have spread the word about CFNC to schools like Patrick Henry Elementary and Cora Kelly. It has been a busy first few weeks and we are looking forward to the rest of the school year!