CFNC Students Move2Learn!

December 16, 2016 Susan Keightley


CFNC is so grateful for our partnership with RunningBrooke, as their Move2Learn focus has enhanced our efforts to bolster the physical, emotional, social and academic needs of our students.

Movement is a critical part of CFNC’s curriculum and daily classroom schedule. Students aregiven many opportunities to engage in active, developmentally appropriate learning activities throughout the school day. As a result, each day is an adventure that provides English language and cognitive development through interactive cooperative play, arts and crafts, science and discovery activities, stories, and music. For example, Science and Movement/Music are taught through hands-on activities that create excitement for the discovery process and reinforce arithmetic concepts, such as numbers, enumeration, and timing. CFNC also incorporates an hour of daily outdoor play in each school day. During this time, students engage in a variety of activities—including running and free play—that help them develop physical strength, coordination, and balance.

These kinetic activities are essential for a well-rounded, early education program for preschoolers. Without these movement activities, CFNC students would not achieve the educational gains necessary for kindergarten readiness. The educational results we achieve
each year through our holistic, movement-based program speak for themselves. Not only did 92% of CFNC students show an average increase of approximately 63% in literacy skills (as measured by PALS), but 91% showed an increase of two full levels though COR Advantage, which indicated kindergarten readiness. These results are remarkable, considering that the vast majority of students we serve come from families who do not speak English at home and exhibit multiple risk factors for kindergarten failure when they first enroll in our program. CFNC is grateful for our ongoing partnership with RunningBrooke, as our services would not be nearly as effective or meaningful without your