For people living in poverty, access to the internet and digital tools is a huge obstacle. While certain demographics of society are seeing soaring rates of digital engagement, the growth for those living in poverty is significantly slower. The results of the digital divide are troubling, especially as we start to rely more and more on technology in all areas of our lives, but especially, on education. (Pew Research Center)

This idea came to the forefront for CFNC after we closed our physical doors in March. We immediately implemented a virtual learning plan, utilizing ClassDojo as an online learning platform to connect students with their teachers. While most of our families have access to smartphones, we realized that we would need more than a few minutes a day on a smartphone to continue our mission.

That’s when our Advisory Council, led by Kate Boyce Reeder, were driven to act. Through their hard work and dedication, CFNC partnered with Amazon to provide every student with a free Kindle, Kids Edition with ClassDojo already downloaded on it! Not only will this help CFNC continue our mission to provide a high quality early education at no cost, but it will also give children and families access to the digital tools they wouldn’t have access to otherwise.