CFNC Learn About Buildings

February 27, 2019 Anna Shults

CFNC follows the Creative Curriculum, which is nationally recognized for its high-quality, research based studies. In the Creative Curriculum, subjects are broken down into 3 to 4 week segments called “studies.” This month, our students learned about buildings!

The kiddos covered a variety of topics including different types of buildings, who builds buildings, and the different materials buildings are made of. They also practiced making their own buildings with materials in the classroom such as blocks, or Legos.

Local construction businesses even came into the classroom to give our students real life examples of what they do! Amazing employees from Donohoe Construction Company, Biscayne Contractors, Simpson Development Company, and HITT Contracting Inc. came into the classroom to teach students about how they make buildings. They brought in model construction vehicles, hard hats, and samples of buildings materials!