CFNC Closes Monday and How You Can Help

March 13, 2020 Susan Keightley

CFNC Family,


It’s been quite a week for our country and community, and I hope to hear you are all safe and healthy.


ACPS will be closed on Monday, and so, we will also be closing for the rest of the school year.


We are grounded in our mission at CFNC: to provide free preschool and related services to our families in their own communities. Every day, our superstar team of teachers, family support workers, and administrative team balance the health and the needs of our community. We recognize that this is an uncertain time, but we want you to know, our team is prepared for whatever comes our way.


We have implemented an Emergency Response Team who have a plan in place to ensure our community is as prepared as possible. We hear more updates on COVID-19 each day, and our goal is to make sure we share information with our community as quickly and as accurately as possible. We also know that it changes every day.

How can you do to support our families?

  • We are holding a food drive – click here to see our Amazon Wish List
  • Purchase gift cards to Target, Giant, Safeway, or Aldi

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Anna Shults, Development Coordinator, at ashults@cfnc-online.org or (703) 836-0214 ext. 238.

It’s in difficult times like this, that you realize the strength of your community. And, what I’ve learned is that CFNC is strong, passionate, kind, and thoughtful.

With gratitude,
Jackie Horstmann Didio, Executive Director, and Heather Jelks, Board Chair