CFNC Alumni Thriving in Middle School

June 6, 2016 IT Developement

Two former CFNC students, Melanie and Amy, are now thriving in middle school. When Melanie started school, she was very shy and almost never spoke, even at home. After a few weeks of school, Melanie began talking, in both English and Spanish. Every afternoon she began telling her mother about what she learned that day. Amy also loved CFNC. She adored her teachers and took an interest in science lessons. Today both girls are straight A students. Melanie is in 8th grade and Amy is in 6th grade. Melanie is in honors classes and won a writing award last year. She received a language arts scholarship, likes all her classes, and is very happy academically. She plays soccer after school, and plays violin in the orchestra. Last year, Amy was on the principal’s honor roll. Amy also plays the violin and sings in the school chorus.