Sponsor Spotlight: Applied Policy

October 11, 2017 Susan Keightley

Applied Policy, a health policy and reimbursement consulting company, recently joined the CFNC family as an Adopt-A-Classroom sponsor when they adopted the Wheeler 1 classroom for the 2017-2018 school year. CEO and President Jim Scott and along with Senior Vice President John Voorhees, are two local business leaders who are committed to improving the lives of Alexandria’s low-income children. It is because of Applied Policy’s generosity, passion, and commitment that the 18 children and two teachers in Wheeler 1 will have all of the materials they need for the entire school year.

We wanted to learn more about Applied Policy’s commitment to giving back and we are so grateful to them for sharing with us why supporting the community means to much to them.

What issues are most important to your organization and employees?

The mission of Applied Policy is to improve lives. We pride ourselves on our ability to help healthcare companies get their products and services into the hands of the patients who need them most. Our goal is to find mutually beneficial healthcare solutions for all parties involved, especially the patients served by our clients and their colleagues.

What is most rewarding for you about giving back to the community?

As a local Alexandria business, we want to support our own community where we can have a direct impact on our neighbors’ lives. In addition to CFNC, we also support the Carpenter’s Shelter, the Partnership for a Healthier Alexandria, and other local organizations that align with our mission.

What part of CFNC resonates most with your organization or employees?

Clearly, early-childhood education is an essential building block to a successful life. We appreciate that CFNC takes a holistic approach to service by providing social work support to families and healthcare services to their students. We also appreciate the opportunity to build long-lasting relationships. Many of us are parents ourselves, and we want every child in our area to have the needed support to prepare and empower them for the success they deserve.

Thank you Applied Policy for your commitment to Alexandria’s children. You are amazing!