Summer Learning for CFNC Students

August 31, 2016 Susan Keightley

Summer Learning for CFNC Students Thanks to Baroody Camp

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Summer learning is important especially for children from low-income families. The achievement gap between upper and lower class students widens in the summer months and has a cumulative effect. Why does this happen? It’s mainly because children have unequal access to summer learning opportunities. Children from higher-income families have more access to daily learning activities with their parents, summer camps and other summer learning opportunities (according to Leveraging Summer for Student Success. Summer Matters Partnership for Children & Youth (2014)). In addition, the cumulative effect of the achievement gap can seriously change the course of a student’s life, making it harder for them to keep up with their peers.

In previous years, CFNC provided a summer program to combat the gap in summer learning but in recent years funding has not allowed us to offer this program. That’s why when Baroody Summer camps offered scholarships to some CFNC students this summer, we jumped at the opportunity. Seventeen former CFNC students were given scholarships for 5-7 weeks of summer fun and learning. For these kids, summer programs like this are too expensive for their parents so without the scholarships they would be at home watching TV and being taken care of by the village.

Baroody Camp helped the kids stay active and eat healthier throughout the summer. They were provided with meals and daily activities like sports, nutritious cooking, science projects, art and outside play. The camp also helped the children continue to learn through a structured daily curriculum.

“Many of our parents have trouble providing meals for their kids. When school wrapped up, we received many calls asking us about local food pantries. I am so grateful to Baroody Camps because not only were these kids able to continue their school through the summer but they also had regular meals and didn’t have to go without this summer,” said Elaine Gomez, CFNC social worker.

CFNC social workers were able to observe the children at the camp this summer and see their parents more often than their other clients that were not enrolled in camp. “Some of the kids had personal things going on at home which we were only able to find out because we were still able to observe them in camp and keep in contact with the directors,” said Gomez.

Thank you Baroody Camps for giving CFNC kids an opportunity to learn, grow and stay motivated and productive this summer. “It is our pleasure to help these kids. We are honored to be able to make this kind of an impact in our community and provide a warm and encouraging environment for kids to continue learning through the summer,” said Pete Baroody, Baroody Camp Founder.