Why I Give

June 2, 2017 Lisa Carter

At CFNC, we are very lucky to have so many supporters who believe in our mission and are passionate about helping under-served children in Alexandria. One of those supporters is Alexandra Normile, whose company, Wells Fargo, adopted our Wheeler 2 classroom for the year of 2016-2017. Alexandra has been involved with CFNC in many ways, from providing winter clothes to hosting holiday parties for the kids. She is such an asset to our organization and deeply cares about the students, which is why she wanted to share why the experience of adopting a classroom has been so rewarding for her and Wells Fargo.

How did you get involved with CFNC?

My first experience with CFNC was in October 2016, when several Wells Fargo colleagues and I donated winter coats, scarves, hats, and mittens to two classrooms. I am fortunate to have friends at work who are very engaged with CFNC, and they invited me to join for this event and get to know CFNC.


Why do you give to CFNC?

Supporting at-risk youth is vitally important. There is vast affluence in the DC area that’s easy to take for granted, but there is also great need. There is every reason to help little children learn and prepare for school, especially when they could easily slip through the cracks later on. It’s so important that those of us who are able to give do give, whether we contribute time, money, or other resources.


Can you describe an experience you had at CFNC that touched you?

When we entered the classroom, the kids asked if we “were Santa!” Whether shy or outspoken, each child was very excited to have his or her very own set of brand new winter gear. When we distributed the coats in gift bags personalized for each child, I realized that were it not for our donation, these children may not have a way to stay warm outdoors during the winter. If they aren’t warm getting to CFNC, they will likely not attend. So our seemingly-simple contribution could make a world of difference in the development and education for these children.


Want to get more involved? For details on how you can help in the classroom, click here or contact Maggie Kleftstad, Development Manager at mklefstad@cfnc-online.org or by phone at (703) 836-0214 ext. 238 for more information!