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Betty, a 30-year-old mother of two from Guatemala, speaks no English and never made it past primary school. Her son, Daniel, began preschool at CFNC at the age of three. His teachers noticed behavioral red flags and Daniel joined a behavioral skills group lead by a CFNC social worker. In his second year at CFNC, the social worker referred Daniel to Child Find, which resulted in an IEP with accommodations for speech, language, and developmental issues. During this period Betty gave birth to her second child and was soon informed they would be evicted for having another child. Betty’s CFNC social worker met with state and city government officials to determine the legality of the situation. The social worker negotiated with the landlord, resulting in Betty and her family keeping their home. Betty attends CFNC’s Mother’s Group and Perinatal Support Group to help with her stress and postpartum depression.

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